Anja Franczak


Grief support and
education about
death and dying

Suddenly everything changes.
After the death of a loved one, we are out of balance.
The experience of a deep loss often marks a turning point in our life.

The reality of death is difficult to accept.
We cannot, we do not want to believe it has really happened.

In the complex process of grief we experience waves of intense emotions – pain, sadness, maybe anger and fear. We have to adapt to a new reality without the loved one we miss. And we are looking for ways to protect our precious memories in order to feel continuing love and connection.

If you are unsure whether your thoughts, feelings and behaviour in grief are “normal”, you are not alone. I remember very well how lost I felt at the beginning of grief. I remember the chaos of thoughts and emotions and the paralysing feeling of helplessness.

Grief can affect all areas of our lives. We experience it as emotional and physical pain. It often lowers our concentration, so we can only work with great effort. It brings a new dynamic into our relationships with family and friends. In grief, we often feel exhausted – it costs us a lot of energy.

Our friends and relatives may want to help us, but often don’t know how.
They may even hurt us with clumsy remarks and unwanted advice.
When grieving, we often experience deep loneliness.

You don’t have to be alone in your grief!

I was very lucky to meet people on my way who helped me to regain confidence in myself and in life. I found support from professional grief counselors.

As a result, I have learned to integrate my grief into the story of my life in a loving and conscious way. Today, I can talk about my loss experience with calm and acceptance, without feeling fear or guilt.

HERE you can find out more about me and my path through grief.

I am happy to share with you everything I have learned.

I offer you support to find your own way in this challenging time. You are welcome to tell me your story. I offer you space to share memories, thoughts and feelings.

Together we can create a new, good place for your loved one in your life. So that you can find peace and acceptance.

HERE you can learn more about how I work.

I’m here for you.

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