Grief Counseling

No one can undo what has happened.
I can not take away your pain.
But I can be by your side.


I am your counterpart for open and profound conversations. Grief wants to be expressed, seen and heard. You are welcome to tell me your story and about the person you miss.

When we meet, I give you all my attention. I listen to you with empathy and patience, so that I can understand your situation. Together we try to find orientation in the chaos of thoughts and feelings.

I do not give you advice, but help you to find your own answers. Our conversation is confidential. Everything you share with me stays between us.


Sometimes we hide our real thoughts and feelings from our friends and relatives because we want to protect them. With me you don’t have to worry about this.

I offer you a safe space in which you can be exactly as you are in this particular moment. All of your thoughts and feelings are welcome. You can show me your pain.

I can help you find access to your feelings and experience them in a safe environment. Expressing your thoughts and feelings is liberating and healing.


I invite you to step out of passivity. You don’t have to wait until your grief disappears on its own.

We cannot change the finality of death, but we can act in other areas of life. You can choose to experience your grief consciously and with love.

Together we can find out where you have influence. I can help you to creatively shape your own way through grief.



Together we look for ways to make it easier for you to cope with the pain. We look at where your sources of strength are and how you can find access to them again.

In grief we often get to know new, previously unknown sides of ourselves. This can be scary, but it also offers the chance to understand ourselves better. I invite you to get to know yourself, your needs and your strength in a new way.


Information and theory can provide orientation. I have studied classic and contemporary grief models and am familiar with various traditions and rituals from different cultures. I am happy to share my knowledge with you to help you better understand your personal grief process.

Each grief process is individual, but insights from other people and traditions from our ancestors can inspire us.

The foundation of my work is my deep trust in
the profound wisdom that each of us carries within.

In times of crisis, access to our intuition is often blocked.
I am by your side to help you find yourself again.

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