Grief Counseling

No one can undo what has happened.
I can not take away your pain.
But I can be by your side.


Grief counseling offers you a safe space in which you are accepted just as you are. All your thoughts and feelings are welcome. Nothing will be judged.


Grief needs expression. Grief counseling can help you gain access to your feelings and to experience them in a safe frame. Expressing your thoughts and feelings is liberating and healing.


Grief counseling looks for ways to make it easier for you to live with the pain. Together we can identify your sources of strength and discover how you can use them.


Knowledge and theory can provide orientation. Grief counseling can give you information that will help you to better understand your personal grieving process.

The foundation of my work is my deep trust in the profound wisdom that each of us carries within. In times of crisis, access to our intuition is often blocked.
I am by your side to help you find yourself again.