My offer


I walk with you on your way.  

In my company

  • you can speak openly.
  • all thoughts and feelings are welcome.
  • you don’t have to be afraid of being judged.

I listen to you and am there for you. Together we look for your individual way to deal with your grief in a loving and healthy way.

Currently meetings are possible only online (on Zoom, Skype or other platforms).

I speak English, German and Polish.

1h / 60 Euro


Rituals are the language of our soul. They help us to say goodbye to what has passed and to open ourselves to what is coming.

The funeral is one of the most important rites of passage of our culture. If we do not have the opportunity to attend a funeral, a void may be left behind. Also, sometimes the traditional form may not offer what we need.

I have been trained as a ritual celebrant in Berlin. Together, we can development and design an individual and very personal farewell ceremony. I can lead the ritual as a celebrant, or prepare you to take on this task yourself. For me, a funeral is only about saying goodbye, but also about celebrating a person’s life in a meaningful way, which reflects their values, wishes and worldview.

I also design rituals for parents who have lost a child during pregnancy and could not bury it. It does not matter if your child just died recently or many years ago.

Price by agreement


Someone in your family, among friends or from your working environment is grieving and you do not know how to behave? For those who have never experienced a deep loss themselves, many reactions and behaviors of people in grief are often incomprehensible. I can help you to better understand your grieving fellow human beings and to support them in the best possible way.

Price by agreement


I regularly organise workshops and circles for people in grief, as well as trainings for professionals, who would like to broaden their knowledge about grief. You can find more information and announcements of workshops and trainings in Polish language on the website of the Institute of the Good Death

For english-speaking workshops, please CONTACT me. 


Do you have regular contact with grieving people in your professional or voluntary work? One of your students has lost a parent and your school class wants to support him? A colleague returns to work after a bereavement and you do not know how to behave?

I’ll be glad to visit your school / company / club / institute and help you to find a good way to approach and support people in grief.

Price by agreement


I am happy to share my knowledge and experience in order to contribute to an open and accepting attitude towards grief in our society. I design lectures and talks according to your needs. Possible topics include:

“You are always a part of my life”
How to learn to live with your grief.

 “So far and yet so close”
Love exists beyond death. How to keep the relationship with our loved ones alive, when they are gone.

“Is that normal?”
Grief has many facets. It is as colorful as life.

“I don’t know what to say”
How to support people in grief.

“I already loved You so much”
About the needs of parents after the loss of a child during pregnancy or birth.

“A farewell that suits you”
Creating personal farewell rituals and funeral ceremonies.

“Going green – The future of death”
About natural burials and sustainable funeral design.

Price by agreement


DEATH CAFE is a space for people to meet and talk openly about topics related to dying, death and grief.

Do you often think about impermanence, but have no one to talk to about it? Do you also think we lack a contemporary “ars moriendi” to appreciate what really matters in life? Perhaps this seems particularly important to you in the context of the current pandemic?

DEATH CAFE is an opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas with other people – about death, about life and about what it means to be human. Especially now.

I invite you to a taboo-free zone, where you can openly ask questions, listen to other people’s stories and share experiences.

DEATH CAFES take place free of charge all over the world. You can find all information about this valuable initiative HERE.

I regularly organize DEATH CAFES in Warsaw.

The meetings are currently taking place online.

You can find all the details on my Facebook profile Sprawy Ostateczne.


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